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Western Swing - Digital Download

Western Swing - Digital Download

Western Swing.....I think of all Silencers songs like pieces of atmosphere, little movies. After I wrote the music to this song I realised that the melodic hook when played on guitar was very 'country' sounding. I love country music. There's often been traces of it in my best songs.

        So when I started writing or imagining the lyrics I gave it a title.... 

Western Swing.

The first verse came out of nowhere....

Have you been to pray yet today? 

There's no survivors

The Sheriff 's on his way

With a 45

I was here at home

Are you calling me a liar?

The images suggest a dark tale : however I don't want to go too deep into it because I think it's good that lyrics are mostly left to the imagination of the listener.

However I'd like to add this.... Westerns were required watching when I was a kid. I have a nostalgic bond with those films. In a normal episode of Wagon Train or Bonanza there would be dozens of shootings and the Gun was Law. It was entertainment. 


Are there parallels or links between the history of the West, the Native American wars .. The birth of the USA.. and the easy access to Arms ?           Undoubtedly.... 

I've been and played in the States many times and had fantastic experiences there but the business of selling lethal weapons, some of military standard seems very wrong and downright crazy. I feel lucky to live in Europe where arms are controlled. 


So my song is nostalgic, ironic, dark : a mixture of fact and movie fiction :  a homage to Hollyw